beautifuldisaster995 said: stay strong beautiful <3

Thank you, love. Xo

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Anonymous said: Stay away from things such as self harm, depression, eating disorders, etc. you see that smile in your profile picture? It proves that you still know how to smile you just need a little motivation to do so. So, find that motivation. Stay strong and remember that you're beautiful and worth everything. Keep your head up. I know it's easier to say so than to do so, but at least try and if you fail, try harder. (:

:’) thank you.

sophiabirkner said: I noticed that you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. I'm not homosexual or anything but I think you are beautiful and I think you should know that! Anyway, good luck chica! If you need anything just direct me:)

Aw, you’re so sweet :’) people like you make me keep smiling.

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Anonymous said: you are so beautiful. stay strong.

you’re beautiful

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